I want to be a rocket scientist, or how to use online tracking & profiling to your own use.

May 7, 2012

It’s no secret that almost every move we make online is being tracked, either by first parties (search engines and the websites we visit), or by 3rd parties present on pages we visit (mostly advertising companies).

Online tracking and profiling is the process in which these parties collect and aggregate all of our online activities and comprehensively analyze it to create a unique profile on each individual.

This process may reveal more about us than we are willing to disclose, thus it creates major privacy concerns that will no doubt come into effect in the near future.

At present, personal profiles are used mainly for advertising purposes, however with the rapid growth in the “information industry” it’s anyone’s guess what these profiles are going to be used for in the future. Imagine having your unique profile traded without your consent and used in a “Big Brother” fashion by future employers (recruiters and employers today already inspect candidates’ facebook profiles and information found on the web), government officials, commercial companies (they get access to your most private preferences) and so forth. In other words, this profile may have massive consequences on your future and your ability to make choices.

Currently, there is not much we can do to prevent online tracking. Commercial companies believe it’s their right to track us, and our data is used to generate big $$$ for them. But what if you could take control over your profile? What if you could use it for your own benefits? With this in mind, we have developed Breadcrumbs Bogus identity technology. This technology will let you decide who trackers will essentially think you are. I chose to be a rocket scientist…

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