Alter Ego (Bogus Identity)

Breadcrumbs automatically creates an Alter Ego for you, preventing trackers from analyzing your real browsing information. The software transparently performs Internet browsing sessions, building interest topics that do not represent who you are. Any analysis of your browsing data will yield useless results. (related blog post)

Breadcrumbs Alter Ego dashboard will let you control your Bogus Identity browsing behavior and interests, letting you decide who you want to be online.

Under the hood:
Breadcrumbs Alter Ego feature is always working in the background in order to protect your online privacy. When you are browsing the web, it examines what trackers can learn on you according to where you have been and what you did online (this process takes place on your computer and is encrypted, so nobody can see it, even not us).
When your Alter Ego senses that you are not browsing, it will take over and actually browse the Internet for you. It will browse according to your online behavior in a way tailored to hide your real identity.

You won’t even notice your Alter Ego is there, since all the bogus activity is transparently happening in the background.

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